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Adventure Africa Holidays is a specialist tour operator with its office headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya but operating throughout East Africa.  We offer Safaris to Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya Hell's Gate National Reserve, Kenya Hell's Gate Park, Hell's Gate Safaris.

Hell's Gate National Park, Kenya
Hell's Gate National Park Background Information:
Hell's Gate National Park covers an area of 68.25 km2 and is situated in the environs of Lake Naivasha about 90 km from Nairobi. The park is situated 14 km after the turnoff from the old Nairobi-Naivasha highway. It is characterised by diverse topography and geological scenery. It is an important home of the lammergeyer.

Hell's Gate National Park Location:
Hell's Gate or Njorowa Gorge is situated in Nakuru District, Rift Valley Province, covering an Area of 68 km2.

Hell's Gate National Park Climate:
Warm and dry.

How to Get to Hell's Gate National Park:
The park is accessible via tarmac road from Nairobi. (90 kms) via Naivasha Town on the Lake Road South at a Junction 5 km south of Naivasha.

Hell's Gate National Park Roads:
Except for the Western side, Hell's Gate National Park has an adequate network of primary roads and viewing circuits.

Hell's Gate National Park Gates:
Hell's Gate has two gates that are used by visitors i.e. the main Elsa Gate and the Olkaria Gate. The latter also serves the Olkaria Geothermal Station which is located inside the National Park.

Hell's Gate National Park Major Attractions:
Game viewing, Raptor nesting in cliffs, Spectacular gorge walk, hot springs, scenic landscape, the Geothermal Station, Masai culture.

Hell's Gate National Park Facilities:
Narasha Guesthouse

Oldubai Campsite, Naiburuta & Endacha.

Hell's Gate National Park Picnic Sites:
Trails: Gorge, Fisher's Tower & Obsidian Cave.

Hell's Gate National Park Activities:
Hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, bird watching and wildlife viewing.
Source: Kenya Wildlife Service.