We offer adventure Africa holidays Kenya Safaris, Kenya Luxury Safaris to Mara Serena Lodge, Mara Serena, Mara National Reserve, Mara Serena Safari, Kenya Mara Serena Safari Tour Operator Kenya Safari Operator Kenya

Mara Serena Lodge, Mara Serena, Mara National Reserve, Mara Serena Safari, Kenya Safari Tour Operator, Kenya Tour Operator, Safaris to Mara Serena Lodge, Mara Serena Safari Lodge Kenya, Masai Mara Serena Lodge Tour Operator Kenya Safari Operator Kenya

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Adventure Africa Holidays is a specialist tour operator with its office headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya but operating throughout East Africa.  We offer Safaris to Mara Serena Lodge, Kenya Mara Serena, Mara  National Park, Mara Safari Mara Safari Tour Operator Kenya Safari Operator Kenya.

Location: Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, 310 km from Nairobi
Access Mara Serena Lodge: Road (5-6 hrs) and Air (45 minutes) from Nairobi
Year Built: 1962
Rooms Available: 73
Age Restriction: None
Ownership: Serena Hotels
Mara Serena Safari Lodge:
The Mara Serena Safari Lodge has a front-row seat for one of the grandest shows in Africa. Every year, thousands of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles cover the plains beneath the lodge's grounds during their annual migration to the thick new grasses of the Serengeti. The Mara Serena Lodge looks like no other.

Mara Serena Lodge's 73 guest rooms are a vibrant incarnation of colors and shapes reflecting the time-honored art of the Mara's peoples, the Maasai. Secreted deep within the Masai Mara National Reserve, the Mara Serena Safari Lodge is the ultimate safari destination. Set high on a bush-cloaked hill, embraced by arcing vistas and washed by a sea of richly rolling grasslands, it stands centre-stage to one of Africa's most dramatic wildlife arenas and has a ringside seat for the greatest wildlife show on Earth, the legendary migration of the wildebeest.

Drawing Mara Serena Lodge's inspiration from the traditional Maasai cultural motif of a cluster of domed, mud-coloured huts encircled by a 'Boma' of brushwood, the Mara Serena offers a rare blend of raw African splendour and sumptuous sophistication. The essentially ethnic décor also draws on a vibrant colour-palette of sun-burst colours, embellished by a unique selection of Maasai art to create the look and feel of a traditional bush encampment. The lodge features individual rooms, each with their own balcony and view of eternity, a sky-blue swimming pool and a spectacular restaurant, overlooking a water hole where a fantasia of creatures collect to drink.

Services & Amenities:
Restaurant, Bar, Swimming Pool, Beauty Therapy and Massage Services, Curio Shop, Laundry Services, Valet, Baby-Sitting, Meeting and Conference Facilities, Telephone and Fax Facilities, Mosquito Nets, En-Suite Bathrooms, Private Verandas.

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