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Adventure Africa Holidays is a specialist tour operator with its office headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya but operating throughout East Africa. We offer Safaris to Sweetwaters National Reserve, Sweetwaters Game Sanctuary, Sweetwaters Tented Camp, Ol Pejeta Ranch Kenya, Morani Tame Rhino, Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Horse and Camel back riding Kenya, Night game drives at Sweetwaters, Kenya, Ol Pejeta House, Sweetwaters.

Sweetwaters Game Reserve & Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Kenya
Sweetwaters Game Reserve & Chimp Sanctuary:
This 24-000 acre reserve saddling the Equator enjoys magnificent views across the plains to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, and has an abundance of wildlife and tropical vegetation. Sweetwaters Game Reserve and Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the closest reserve to Kenya's Capital Nairobi to boast all of the "Big 5" game - Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo. Only 2.5 hours or 250 kilometers north of Nairobi on a paved highway, the reserve is easily accessible and has the highest ratio of game-to-geographical-area of all parks and reserves in Kenya.

There are many advantages to visiting this private reserve. Sweetwaters Tented Camp and Ol Pejeta Ranch House are both situated within the reserve. As it is a private reserve, guests can enjoy special activities not permitted in most Kenyan National Parks and Reserves such as game walks, night game drives, horseback game rides and meals in the bush. The reserve boasts a plethora of wildlife - over 400 species of birds, lion, elephant, rhino and cheetah to name just a few. The night game drives, a highlight of your stay in Africa, allow frequent sightings of the elusive leopard and other nocturnal species.

Activities at Sweetwaters Game Reserve & Chimpanzee Sanctuary:
Horse/Camel Riding: Horse/camel riding through the wilderness is an unimaginable experience. A knowledgeable rider/guide takes you through the ranch, allowing you views across the plains to Mount Kenya, and the very fact that you are riding through the African bush, not knowing if you will encounter one of the "Big 5" around the next bend makes the ride one never to be forgotten!

Morani's Boma:
Morani, a black rhino, was rescued as a baby after he was found wandering near his mother who had been killed by poachers in Amboseli National Park. After having been taken to three or four other locations where unfortunately his safety was put at risk by both the presence of poachers and attacks by other rhinos, Morani came to Sweetwaters Game Reserve where he lives in his own 100-acre enclosure, protected 24-hours by armed guards.

Also at Morani's Boma (which means "warrior" in Maasai) you will find Carol, a tame warthog. Carol was brought to the sanctuary when she was found abandoned by her mother on the ranch, and she lives in a smaller enclosure near Morani. She often ambles around the compound, and loves to greet visitors personally.

Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary:
A 200-acre Chimpanzee sanctuary has been set up at Sweetwaters Game Reserve, a 15-minute drive from Sweetwaters Tented Camp. A visit to this sanctuary and the 30-minute boat ride (subject to fine weather) on the river among the chimps is a must. The aim of the project, initiated by Lonrho East Africa, Kenya Wildlife Services and the Jane Goodall Institute, was to set up a colony where chimps could be introduced, rehabilitated and taught to fend for themselves in an area similar to their natural living conditions. Priority is given to orphaned and abused chimps. The sanctuary currently has 24 chimps, including two babies born in the sanctuary. An information center near the chimps' enclosure gives you amazing insight into the chimpanzees - did you know that they have 98.6% of our genes? After walking through the vast information and chimp paraphernalia, you leave the center with the feeling that you must do something to stop this tragic "chimp trade".

Multi-cultural Manyatta:
A new addition is the multi-cultural Manyatta situated just outside the Serat Gate of the Sweetwaters Game Reserve. Here visitors can visit some of Kenya's tribes in their own environment. The Maasai, Pokot, Turkana, Samburu men and women invite you into their homes and sell their traditional wares, show off their ritual dances and introduce you to their lifestyle. This is a must when visiting the sanctuary, as it gives visitors an insight into how different Kenyan tribes live.
Night Game Viewing: Those interested in experiencing the bush at night have the opportunity at Sweetwaters, as it is one of the few places in Kenya offering night game viewing. Night Game Drives is a special drive. Nocturnal animals such as aardvark, porcupine, silver backed hyena and leopard can be seen. One can go at either 1900hr - 2100hr or after dinner 2100hr - 2200hr.