Do African cichlids need wavemakers?

Since the current you’re looking for is just for the fish to enjoy/make the tank more natural, one wavemaker should be good for that purpose. You don’t want them to consume and convert more food, as that just costs you more money in the long run.

Do African cichlids need a bubbler?

African cichlids are gill-breathing fish. … They release it directly into the water and fish breathe it, just like in nature where they live without any pumps. Fish in a planted tank don’t need an aerator at all — it’s a waste of space and money.

Do cichlids need a circulation pump?

Air Stones and Circulation Pumps

Some fragile fish will not thrive in environments with too much water circulation. … If your fish need to have the “wind in their hair” or need more exercise, like African cichlids, use a circulation pump.

Are wavemakers necessary?

Wavemakers create a good, positive environment for small fish. They will learn how to survive in different conditions and will be in good health, compared to the ones kept in a tank without a wavemaker. Besides, the wavemaker will create hiding places for them, by moving the tall plants in all directions.

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Do African cichlids need caves?

The African cichlid aquarium should have plenty of rockwork, caves and other hiding places to create needed territories. … Live plants other than Anubias, Java Fern and perhaps Hornwort are not practical, as most African cichlids will dig them up and Mbuna, being herbivores, will often eat them.

Do cichlids need a filter?

Filtration: Cichlids produce a lot of waste, more so than the average freshwater tropical fish. So robust filtration is required to ensure good water quality. Tip: 10-15 times the tank volume per hour. Example: A 55-gallon tank would require a 550gph filter.

Do I need an air stone in my cichlid tank?

Long as you have adequate water movement in your tank there’s no need for airstones. Don’t have a single one in any of my 4 african cichlid tanks. I specifically direct flow from my filters to run across the surface of the tanks to make sure they’re turning over and being exposed to the air.

Do cichlids like water current?

I know from my experience with African Cichlids, that they really don’t like a lot of current in their tank. I’ve found that if there’s too much current in the tank, they will very rarely venture out from amoungst the rocks to swim in the open areas.

Can I put wavemaker in freshwater tank?

Adding a powerhead or circulation pump will keep debris suspended so it can be captured by the aquarium filter. Like a freshwater aquarium, all you want to do is keep the corners and back side of the aquarium flushed and clean. … The SunSun JVP-202 Dual Wavemaker Pump has twin water pumps with rotatable nozzles.

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What is the difference between a powerhead and a wavemaker?

A wavemaker moves the whole body of water back and forth. A powerhead just moves part of the water.

Does marine tank need wavemaker?

not essential, wave makers are for reef tanks that have coarl that feed off of currents, other than keeping strong swimmers happy they really dont “need” to be in a FO tank, that being said, it is nice because your fish will have teh illusion of swimming in the ocean, with variying currents and what not.

Why are my African cichlids hiding?

To protect themselves, fish will instinctively hide when they are uncertain, frightened, stressed or uncomfortable. … Even long-time residents may hide when a new fish is introduced until they are all comfortable with their personal territories. Within a few days, the fish should feel more secure with each other.

Do Peacock cichlids like caves?

Male peacock cichlids can be slightly territorial but should do fine with other fish as long as you give them enough living space and plenty of caves in which to hide to reduce their territorial behavior. … This means the best options are different types of nonaggressive cichlids.