Frequent question: What material is the modern African drum made out of?

It is made of a hollow wood body, with skin fastened over the top. The skin is traditionally rawhide, such as goat or cow skin. Modern djembes often use synthetic skins. The skin is tightly stretched over the shell using metal rings and rope.

What is the top of an African drum made of?

The head of the drum is traditionally made from goat skin, providing the djembe with piercing high-pitched tone and slap sounds (struck by the hand near the edge of the drum) owing to the thinness of goat skin (compared to antelope or calf-skin).

What is the djembe drum made out of?

The djembe is one of West Africa’s best known instruments. This goblet-shaped drum is traditionally carved from a single piece of African hardwood and topped with an animal skin as a drumhead. In western understanding, the drum belongs to the membranophone class of instruments in the percussion family.

What materials are African instruments made of?

Materials for the instruments are usually from nature, like wood, gourds, turtle shells, animal horns or skin. Other materials might be recycled from man-made objects, like scrap metal from old cars or oil drums. Blacksmiths or artists trained in instrument making create them for important people and groups.

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How is a traditional drum made?

Drum head material is made by cooling hot liquid plastic on a large metal roller to form a solid, then stretched between smaller metal rollers to produce a thin film. such as drills and lathes. Wood hardware components are carved from blocks of wood using various kinds of cutting instruments.

What are 4 types of African drums?

Types of African Drums

  • Djembe. The djembe is the most well-known African drum around the world. …
  • Dundun (Talking Drum) The dundun’s body is shaped like an hourglass and has a number of ropes or strings stretched from top to bottom. …
  • Bata. …
  • Bougarabou.

What type of instrument is a kora?

kora, long-necked harp lute of the Malinke people of western Africa. The instrument’s body is composed of a long hardwood neck that passes through a calabash gourd resonator, itself covered by a leather soundboard. Twenty-one leather or nylon strings are attached to the top of the neck with leather tuning rings.

What is a traditional drum?

In many traditional cultures, drums have a symbolic function and are used in religious ceremonies. … In popular music and jazz, “drums” usually refers to a drum kit or a set of drums (with some cymbals, or in the case of harder rock music genres, many cymbals), and “drummer” to the person who plays them.

What type of instrument is a mbira?

The thumb piano, or mbira – a name derived from Shona language of Zimbabwe – is uniquely African percussion instrument. In the distant past it was made entirely of wood or bamboo and could have been used for a few thousand years.

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How are Dundun drums made?

The dundun can be made of wood (cedar, walnut or any other hardwood) or of metal. The drum shell of a metal dundun is a sawn-off cylindrical barrel. The three drums are placed horizontally in an X-shaped stand to support the drums during play. The dundun is approximately 65 cm long and has a diameter of 40 to 50 cm.

What instrument is made of shells or beads woven into a net?

The shekere (from Yoruba Ṣẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀) is a West African percussion instrument consisting of a dried gourd with beads or cowries woven into a net covering the gourd.


Percussion instrument
Other names Ṣẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀
Classification Percussion
Hornbostel–Sachs classification idiophone

What animal skin is used to make the head of the drum?

Animal skin drum heads are produced from the hides of goats, cows and other livestock. Some drums are produced with the imported skins of animals native to their origin, such as the goat skin on a Djembe, giving the drum an authentic look, feel and sound.

What are African instruments?

African musical instruments include a wide range of drums, slit gongs, rattles and double bells, different types of harps, and harp-like instruments such as the Kora and the ngoni, as well as fiddles, many kinds of xylophone and lamellophone such as the mbira, and different types of wind instrument like flutes and …

What is a traditional African percussion instrument?

Shakers and rattles play a big role in traditional African religions. … Some examples of these instruments are djembe shakers, the kosikas, the caxixi, juju shakers, ankle shakers etc. Read about the use and purpose of the Ewe people’s axatse gourd rattles in detail.

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What are the traditional African Chordophone instruments?

Chordophones. This class, comprising instruments that produce sound from strings stretched between fixed points, is well represented in Africa. There is an abundance of specimens in the form of zithers, lutes, and harps.