How can I receive money from Kenya to Nigeria?

How can I send money from Kenya to Nigeria through Western Union?

Send money online

  1. Log in. Log in to your online banking account at the respective Western Union agent.
  2. Fill in transfer details. Enter the receiver name, receiving country and the amount, then pay for the transfer.
  3. Send with confidence. Share your tracking number (MTCN)1 with your receiver.

How can I receive money from Kenya?

How to receive money via online banking

  1. Log in. Log in online to your bank account with one of our partner banks.
  2. Fill in your transfer details. Enter the tracking number (MTCN), transfer amount, your sender’s name, and purpose of the transfer.
  3. Receive money. Select the account you want to deposit the money in.

Can mpesa send money to Nigeria?

Using the mySafaricom app you can send from your M-Pesa account to Nigeria through Western Union or PayPal if the recipient has a PayPal account. Use Skrill to m-pesa..all you need is skrill account,funds your skrill account and tell the reciever to also get mpesa account.

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What is the best way to send money to Nigeria?

The easiest way to send money to Nigeria is through an online transfer service. Most online transfer services use the same simple 3-step process for transferring money. TransferWise and TransFast both provide simple services that make it easy to transfer money online to NGA.

Is Western Union banned in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s CBN has blocked all transfers into the country except via Western Union, MoneyGram & Ria. Drat.

Which bank in Nigeria does Western Union?

Western Union – FirstBank Nigeria.

Can Kenya send money to Nigeria?

Using Eastpesa. East pesa is a popular international money transfer service provider with which you can transfer funds from Kenya to Nigeria at super low rates and low fees. Wait for the notification of transfer which shows that your transaction has been completed successfully.

How do I send money from Mpesa to MTN Nigeria?

It’s quick and easy;

  1. When in TZ simply dial *150*00# and then “Send money to MPESA Kenya” on your Vodacom line.
  2. When in Rwanda; dial *830# to send money to Kenya from your MTN line.
  3. When in Uganda; dial *165# to send money to Kenya from your MTN line.

Which bank can I use to send money to Nigeria?

With a Nedbank account, you can send money to an account held with Ecobank in 33 African countries using Nedbank Online Banking or the Money app. NOTE: A new directive from the Nigerian Central Bank permits us to send money to Nigeria in US dollar only.

How do I open a Mpesa account in Nigeria?

Download the Safaricom App and access among other services, Fuliza M-PESA, Bill Manager and M-PESA Global.

Register For M-PESA

  1. Select M-PESA menu then select Activate or Wezesha.
  2. Enter the ‘M-PESA PIN received via SMS.
  3. Create your own Secret PIN and confirm it.
  4. Enter the ID number used during registration.
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Can I receive money from USA through Mpesa?

Fortunately, yes. It took long but it was worth the wait. Safaricom has just launched M-Pesa Global in partnership with Western Union. This means, M-Pesa users can now send and receive money from any part of the world using a mobile phone – it can be a smart or even a feature phone.

What app can I use to send money to Nigeria?

Even if you don’t have a need to send money to loved ones in Nigeria today, downloading and installing the free Ping Express mobile app now means you will be ready to send money whenever you need to (and wherever you are when you need to transfer or send funds.) So, get started today by entering your mobile number.

Can I receive money with PayPal in Nigeria?

Yes, PayPal works in Nigeria. You can open a personal account to send money, pay bills or shop online. You can also open its business account to receive funds online in Nigeria.

Is it illegal to send money to Nigeria?

Yes. Following November 2020 decision by the central bank, money transfer operators sending money into Nigeria were heavily restricted and only permitted to issue remittances to the country in US dollars. Since then, only a small number of operators are authorised to handle transfers to Nigeria.