How much chicken does South Africa eat?

South Africa is one of the world’s leading consumers of chicken, and chicken is the highest consumed meat in the country with a per capita consumption of 42 kg/year in 2018.

How many chickens are eaten a day in South Africa?

The poultry industry is the biggest agricultural industry in South Africa, employing in excess of 100,000 people throughout the value chain. About 3 million birds a day are slaughtered in the country. There is room for growth, however.

How much meat does South Africa consume?

South Africa consumes approximately 2.9 million tons of beef, pork and poultry per annum. According to the Bureau for Food and Agriculture, there will be a 38% increase in poultry consumption in the next decade, as well as a 28% increase in beef consumption and a 33% increase in pork consumption.

What is the most consumed meat in Africa?

Beef and poultry are Africa’s most consumed meats — at about 4.7 and 2.9 million tonnes in 2005/07 respectively — followed by mutton and pork which, for cultural reasons, is less consumed in some countries.

Which meat is in high demand in South Africa?

The combined effect boils down to an almost constant total demand for sheep meat since the 1980s and an increase in the total demand for beef. The per capita consumption of beef and sheep meat might have decreased over time because of the struggling economy and associated lower disposable income levels.

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How much is a small chicken in South Africa?

The cost to grow a chick to a point of sale varies from place to place. According to both Momubaghan and Mtyoki, growing a day-old chick to broiler point of sale (from 40 –45 grams to 2.2 kilograms) will cost you about R38 to R40.

How much chicken does South Africa import?

In 2020, South Africa imported 460 000 tons of poultry and exported almost 52 000 tons in the same year, according to the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP).