How much is a brand new Toyota HiAce bus in Nigeria?

The price of a brand new Toyota HiAce 2017 model ranges from N11. 5 million to N16 million. Brand New Toyota HiAce 2018 model price ranges from N13 million to N17 million. Toyota HiAce 2019 model price ranges from N12 million to N25 million.

Is Toyota HiAce a bus?

HiAce | Commercial Van & Commuter Bus | Toyota AU.

How much is a Toyota HiAce van?

Toyota Hiace Details

Price Ranges from $ 33,650.00 to $72,230.00
Body Style Van / Bus
Release Date From March 2015 to July 2021
Drive Type RWD
VIN Plate Location Driver Side Eng Scuttle / Driver Side Front Floor

What is the price of Toyota HiAce 2020?


Toyota HiAce Models SPECS PRICE
LWB 2.8LDiesel 6 speed automatic $36,100 – 46,750
LWB 2.8LDiesel 6 speed manual $34,500 – 44,660
LWB 3.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol 6 speed automatic $32,900 – 43,120
LWB 3.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol 6 speed manual $31,400 – 41,140

Are Toyota HiAce vans any good?

Throughout its history, the Toyota Hiace has been a dependable, reliable business tool for many. It may lack some of the styling flair and dynamic ability of certain rivals, but it’s very good at transporting people and goods with minimum fuss.

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What engine is in a Toyota HiAce?

Engines. The 2021 Toyota HiAce is available with a choice of two engines. The petrol engine is a naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 producing 207kW of power and 351Nm of torque, while the diesel engine is a 2.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder producing 130kW of power and 420Nm of torque.

Where are Toyota HiAce made?

Sixth generation (H300; 2019)

Sixth generation (H300)
Production 2019–present
Assembly Japan: Inabe, Mie (Toyota Auto Body) Japan: Kakamigahara, Gifu (Gifu Auto Body) Thailand: Samut Prakan (Toyota Samrong plant)
Designer Takuo Ishikawa
Body and chassis

How long is a Toyota HiAce?

Toyota HiAce Dimensions 2018

Toyota HiAce Height 1980mm
Toyota HiAce Width 1695mm
Toyota HiAce Length 4695mm
Toyota HiAce Ground clearance unladen 160mm
Toyota HiAce Wheelbase 2570mm

How much does a brand new Toyota HiAce cost?

The Toyota Hiace 2021 prices range from $44,900 for the basic trim level Commercial HiAce LWB to $74,850 for the top of the range Commercial HiAce Slwb. The Toyota Hiace 2021 comes in Commercial and People mover.

How much is Toyota mini bus in Nigeria?

Prices of Tokunbo Toyota Cars and Lexus Cars In Nigeria 2020. Price List Of All Innoson Motors In 2020 – Cars, Buses & Trucks.

Brand new Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria.

Model Suggested retail price
Suzuki Every 2WD manual transmission ~₦4.5 million

How much is Toyota Coaster bus in Nigeria?

Updated Toyota Coaster bus price in Nigeria

No. Toyota Coaster models Nigerian-used prices
1 Toyota Coaster 2006 ₦700,000 – ₦8,500,000
2 Toyota Coaster 2019 ₦6,000,000 – ₦27,000,000
3 Toyota Coaster 2014 ₦1,400,000 – ₦60,000,000
4 Toyota Coaster 2018 ₦1,200,000 – ₦30,500,000
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How much is Toyota bus Tokunbo?

Price of Tokunbo Toyota HiAce in Nigeria

Model Year Price Range
Tokunbo Toyota Hummer bus 2012 price ₦v3.8 million – ₦14 million
Tokunbo Toyota Hummer bus 2013 price ₦7 million – ₦14 million
Tokunbo Toyota Hummer bus 2014 price ₦7 million – ₦14 million
Tokunbo Toyota Hummer bus 2015 price ₦9 million – ₦15 million

How much is luxurious bus in Nigeria?

Price Of Marcopolo Buses

Paradiso 1350 100,000,000-120,000,000 70,000,000-90,000,000
Marcopolo Ideale 90,000,000-120,000,000 65,000,000-75,000,000
Marcopolo Articulated Express 100,000,000-140,000,000 70,000,000-85,000,000
Marcopolo Low Entry 70,000,000-90,000,000 50,000,000-55,000,000

How much is Toyota Hilux in Nigeria money?


All things considered, a brand new Toyota Hilux costs between ₦24 million and ₦25 million in Nigeria.