Is December a good month to visit South Africa?

Early December is a good time to visit, before the peak visitor rush begins. Mid-December to mid-January is South Africa’s busiest period, as school holidays begin and local vacationers pack the game parks and beaches, and traffic along the Garden Route can be crowded.

What is the weather like in South Africa in December?

Average temperatures in South Africa in December are around 19°C with highs of 29°C in the warmer areas. Humidity is high due to the increase in rainfall, but the monthly average is still relatively low at just 17mm spread over the month.

What is the best month to travel to South Africa?

The best time to visit South Africa is between May and October which bring perfect weather conditions for wildlife viewing. From November to February, expect some rain and plenty of opportunities for birding. The best time to visit South Africa for surfing is March to September.

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Is December a good time to travel to Africa?

Best Time To Safari

December through March is the best time to visit places like Serengeti National Park to view the tremendous migrations of wildebeest, gazelles and zebra. According to the “African Sun News,” you’ll see more wildlife during the dry season because animals will be migrating to find water.

Is December a good time to visit Cape Town?

Best Time to Go to Cape Town

Cape Town enjoys a temperate climate with warm, dry conditions from October to April. Temperatures peak between December and February, which is the most popular time for a Cape Town beach holiday. Expect busy beaches, a vibrant nightlife and gloriously sunny festive cheer.

Is December a good time to visit Kruger National Park?

The best time to visit Kruger National Park is at the beginning or end of the region’s dry season, which falls between April and September. … However, extreme dry seasons can also result in increased animal deaths, so it’s best to avoid visiting in July, August and September, the season’s driest months.

How is Cape Town in December?

In December Cape Town experiences its hottest weather with daytime temperatures often rising into the mid 30’s. Expect hot and cloudless days, long daytime hours, warm nights and little to no rain. December sees the occasional very windy day.

Which is the best country to visit in December?

Some of the best countries to visit during this festive month of December are the USA (especially New York and Vegas for New Year’s Eve), Czech Republic (for its fairy tale Christmas in Prague), Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand; as well as Dubai, Hong Kong and Malaysia for amazing shopping!

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What is the cheapest month to fly to South Africa?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to South Africa

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to South Africa is February.

Where is hot in December?

The most popular destinations in December

Hot favourites in December
Canary Islands 21°C 4.5 hrs
Cyprus 21°C 4.5 hrs
Florida 31°C 9.5 hrs
Maldives 27°C 12.5 hrs

Is South Africa hot at Christmas?

In general, December in the Cape Provinces is consistently hot and dry, with crystal-clear skies—an ideal time for a beach vacation if you don’t mind the crowds and frequent winds. … Daily temperatures average 75°F (24°C) in Cape Town, 77°F (25°C) in Johannesburg, and 90°F (32°C) in Kruger.

Is Africa hot in December?

The weather in Africa in December is mostly hot and sunny, while the occasional cooling rains in the interior ‘green’ things up.

Is Africa cold in December?

Africa weather December

The Africa weather in December boasts lots of excellent sunshine and a warm climate. Temperatures vary from the north to the south of the continent and some countries, such as Kenya and The Gambia, can see tropical rains at this time.

How hot is Cape Town in December?

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Cape Town in December is 14.8°C (58.64°F). December is a dry month with an average of 17mm (0.7in) rain. It rains on average a total of 6 days. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 24.8°C (76.64°F).

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What is the rainy season in South Africa?

The rainy season begins in October and lasts through to April, the dry season from May to September. The summer can be hot, with temperatures reaching the early thirties, but the days are tempered by Samara’s high altitude – over 2000m – and the nights rarely exceed 15°C.