What is a common African name?

What is the most common African name?

Top African girl names

  • Nala. …
  • Nia. …
  • Ola. …
  • Sade. …
  • Taraji. …
  • Zendaya. Coming from South Africa, this name means ”be thankful” and has become more popular in recent years.
  • Zola. This pretty African female name means ”calm”
  • Zuri. Taken from Eastern Africa, this name means ”beautiful”

What are common African names?

Popular Baby Names , origin african

Name Meaning Origin
Abayomi Nigerian name meaning bringer of happiness. African
Abdalla Servant of God. (Swahili). African
Abdu Worshiper of God African
Abebe Asked for (Nigerian). African

What are Girl African names?

West African girl names

  • Abeni, a girl who is prayed for.
  • Ada, for your firstborn daughter.
  • Alaba is the second child after twins.
  • Amara, for a child filled with grace and mercy.
  • Amma is born on a Saturday.
  • Bamidele. Follow me home.
  • Chidinma. God is beautiful. …
  • Chimamanda, because God will not fail.

What are male African names?

African names for boys come from naming traditions that are complex, rich, and varied.

What are popular African names?

  • Abdullah. Servant of God.
  • Amari. Meaning eternal. …
  • Bongani. The grateful one.
  • Femi. …
  • Hakim. …
  • Lethabo. …
  • Mandla. …
  • Ola.
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What are some Nigerian names?

Nigerian Baby Names

  • Sade.
  • Dola.
  • Alika.
  • Jaja.
  • Chinara.
  • Okechukwu.
  • Uchechi.
  • Olutosin.

What is the most common African boy name?

Amari is currently the most popular African boy name in the United States. Along with Amari, other African boy names in the US Top 1000 are Omari, Ayan, Dakari, Sekani, Khari, and Zaire. Rare African boy names worth considering include Idir, Odion, Zenebe, and Uzochi.

What is a Jamaican name?

These are some of the most popular Jamaican boy names:

  • Abisai- Hebrew, means “my father is a gift”
  • Adio- African, means “righteous”
  • Agwe- Native American, means “water”
  • Aidan- Irish, means “warm”
  • Ajani- Nigerian, means “the victor”
  • Badrick- English, means “axe ruler”
  • Barkley- Scottish, means “birch tree meadow”

How do Ethiopian names work?

Naming in Ethiopia, in general, is different from naming in the US. The use of a first name and a family name is unknown in Ethiopia. Everyone has his/her own name and also uses his/her father’s name, which comes after the personal name. Occasionally, the paternal grandfather’s name can be added if needed.

What is the most common name in Nigeria?

Most Popular First Names In Nigeria

Rank Gender Forename
1 100% Musa
2 100% Ibrahim
3 100% Abubakar
4 100% Sani

Is Kamari a boy or girl name?

Kamari is new to the 21st century among English speakers and used mainly within the African-American community in the United States. The name is primarily bestowed on baby boys, but occasionally it’s given to girls (although not enough to remain on the popularity charts).

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What is a cute black girl name?

Some of the prettiest black girl names are names with African roots that mean “beautiful” or have a beautiful meaning.

Beautiful Names for Black Girls.

Name Meaning
Thando To love; Zulu
Thema Queen; Akan
Yewubdar Beyond beauty limits; Amharic
Zuri Beautiful; Swahili

What is a badass girl name?

Badass Girl Names for Your Rebel Princess

Davina Beloved Scottish
Diana Heavenly and divine Latin
Dola The crown brings honor African
Dominique Lord Latin
Domino Lord Latin

What is a strong African name?

Ekon: A Nigerian baby name meaning “strong” that sounds like it, too! Hamidi: This beautiful African boy name from Kenya translates to “praised, admired.” Issa: Such a cool African name meaning “God is salvation” in Swahili.

What is a good name for a black boy?

50 Black Baby Boy Names and Meanings

  • Aiyden – Little fire.
  • Andres – Manly, brave, warrior.
  • Antonne – Priceless.
  • Booker – Scribe.
  • Brayton- Broad, brave.
  • Briceson – Nobleman’s son.
  • Chaquille – Handsome.
  • Cornell – Horn, college and town name.

What African name means king?

Here are some examples of African names meaning king: Oba – King. Eze – King. Malik – King.