What reason might the French have had for letting their African colonies declare independence?

What are two reasons the French might have had for letting their African colonies declare independence? Military coups and ethnics conflict have also plagued Liberia, spilling over into neighboring Sierra Leone and estimates are that 50,000 died and another 2 million people lost their homes in the civil war.

How did African colonies gain independence from France?

On September 28, 1958, in a referendum, the colonies were offered full internal self-government as fellow members with France of a French Community that would deal with supranational affairs. All of the colonies voted for this scheme except Guinea, where Sékou Touré led the people to vote for complete independence.

Why did Africa gain independence?

After the Second World War people in Africa wanted change. Only Egypt, Liberia and Ethiopia were independent at that point. But it was Indian self-rule which triggered the momentum leading to independence. … Attaining economic independence proved harder than gaining political independence.

Why did France want colonies in Africa?

The French colonial encounter in West Africa was driven by commercial interests and, perhaps to a lesser degree, a civilizing mission. The political administration and the economic interests were fairly uniform throughout the colonial period.

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When did African countries gain independence from France?

Between March 1957, when Ghana declared independence from Great Britain, and July 1962, when Algeria wrested independence from France after a bloody war, 24 African nations freed themselves from their former colonial masters. In most former English and French colonies, independence came relatively peacefully.

Why did France colonize?

Background. The French first came to the New World as travelers seeking a route to the Pacific Ocean and wealth. Major French exploration of North America began under the rule of Francis I, King of France.

How did the French rule their colonies?

Colonies were ruled, on the one hand, through decrees issued by two different ministries (the Ministry of the Interior and the Colonial Office) in Paris and, on the other hand, by executive orders that made the representative of the French government the main source of the law.

In what ways did Britain and France try to influence their former colonies after independence?

What are two ways that Britain and France tried to preserve their interests in former colonies? European business to stay there, and keep their military bases there. What other regions of the world were becoming independence at the same time as Africa?

How did French West Africa decolonize?

While the importance of such individuals cannot be denied, it is important to recognize that French decolonization in West Africa was a contingent process. … De Gaulle finally decided to grant independence in 1959, and within a year all the territories of former French West Africa had gained their political independence.

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Why did the French want West Africa?

French West Africa

Before Africa was founded as a country, it was invaded by France in 1843. France wanted many of that natural resources in Africa that they attacked and tried to contain them.

Why did many African countries struggle after their independence?

One of the most pressing challenges African states faced at Independence was their lack of infrastructure. … Rich as many African countries were in cash crops and minerals, they could not process these goods themselves. Their economies were dependent on trade, and this made them vulnerable.

What was the first African colony to gain independence?

The end of South African rule marks the end of a process that began in 1957 when Ghana became the first European colony in Africa to become independent.

Which country gained independence from France?


Country Date of acquisition of sovereignty Acquisition of sovereignty
Central African Republic 13 August 1960 Independence from France
Chad 11 August 1960 Independence from France
Comoros 6 July 1975 Independence from France declared
Democratic Republic of Congo 30 June 1960 Independence from Belgium