Where can I buy cheap yam in Nigeria?

Where is yam cheap in Nigeria?

Yes yam is cheap in Taraba but you have to buy in bulk and not few because you will spend more money to transport them down. Nasarawa State is another best place to source for yam, they have Agyeragu market and yam store in Lafia. In Abuja, Bwari market is a good place to buy yam at a very cheap price.

How much is 1kg of yam in Nigeria?

Prices of selected food items in Lagos State in Nigeria as of September 2021 (in Naira)

Characteristic Prices in Naira
Yam tuber (1kg) 464.87
Beef, boneless (1kg) 1,625.2
Garri, white, sold loose (1kg) 358.4
Beans, brown, sold loose (1kg) 481.76

How much is yam sold in Benue?

₦185,000.00 per 100 pieces.

How much is yam in Abuja?

₦1,600.00 per 1 piece

Abuja Yam is known for its richness in fiber and potassium.

Which state in Nigeria has the best yam?

Taraba is the top region by production of yam in Nigeria.

How much is tuber of yam?

A set of yam which consists of five tubers is sold for N5,500 or N6,000 depending on the size of the tuber. The same set of yam was sold before now between N3,000 and N4,000.

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How much is a tuber of yam in Nigeria?

₦175,000.00 per 100 tubers.

How much is a bag of Egusi in 2020?

The cost price of a bag of egusi is offered from N38,000 and N40,000 as against its old price of N55,000 and N60,000 upwards.

How much is bag of beans in Nigeria?

Although there’s a sharp difference in prices across different states, the average price of a 100kg bag of beans in Nigeria remains at an average of ₦34,000 for the white beans and at an average of ₦36,000 for the brown specie.

What are yam tubers?

Yams are members of the genus Dioscorea and are in their own special family, Dioscoreaceae. They are tubers, like potatoes, and are mostly cultivated in tropical parts of the world. A number of different yam species are grown for food, and the large tubers range in color from white to yellow, pink, or purple!