Who are the paramount chiefs in Zambia?

The four Paramount Chiefs – the Litunga of Barotseland; Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewa people in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique; Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu and Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people – have cited the Attorney General as the respondent.

How many paramount chiefs are there in Zambia?

Traditional Leadership

The Province has three (3) Senior Chiefs, twenty five (25) chiefs and one (1) Chieftainess.

Who is the senior chief in Zambia?

Senior Chief Mwene Chikufele (Sikufele) Akatoka is the current senior chief of Kabompo District in the North-Western Province of Zambia.

What is the difference between a chief and a paramount chief?

As adjectives the difference between chief and paramount

is that chief is primary; principal while paramount is supreme; highest; chief.

Who is the paramount chief of the Ngoni?

Chipata, 22nd December, 2020 – Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has praised President Edgar Lungu for spearheading water supply and sanitation projects in Chipata and other parts of Eastern Province to a tune of about 20 million Euros.

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Who is the richest paramount chief in Zambia?

Paramount Chief Mpezeni is the King of the Ngoni people of Zambia’s Eastern Province and Malawi’s Mchinji district.

Is Mwata Kazembe a paramount chief?

Known by the title Mwata or Mulopwe, now equivalent to ‘Paramount Chief’, the chieftainship with its annual Mutomboko festival stands out in the Luapula Valley and Lake Mweru in present-day Zambia, though its history in colonial times is an example of how Europeans divided traditional kingdoms and tribes without regard …

Who is the paramount chief of the Ila people?

Rural News Chief Musungwa wants Ila taught in Itezhi -tezhi schools not Tonga. Chief Musungwa of the Ila people of Itezhi tezhi District in Central Province has asked government to introduce Ila as the medium of instruction in all schools in Itezhi tezhi district.

Who is the paramount chief of the Luvale?

The senior chief of the Luvale people is Chief Ndungu. However, this is a post-colonial practice, as the Luvale initially did not recognise a paramount leader but instead were ruled by local chiefs who inherited the throne through a matrilineal line.

What is the meaning of paramount chief?

A paramount chief is the English-language designation for the highest-level political leader in a regional or local polity or country administered politically with a chief-based system.

Who is the paramount?

chief in importance or impact; supreme; preeminent: a point of paramount significance. above others in rank or authority; superior in power or jurisdiction. a supreme ruler; overlord.

What is paramount king?

The term paramount ruler, or sometimes paramount king, is a generic description, though occasionally also used as an actual title, for a number of rulers’ position in relative terms, as the summit of a feudalistic pyramid of rulers of lesser polities in a given historical and geographical context, often of different …

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Is a chief a king?

“king” refers to a ruler of a country or independent state, whereas “chief” refers to a leader of a group of people with a common origin, race or place of residence such as a those belonging to a particular tribe or living in one village.

What does Ngoni mean in English?

1a : a prominent people of the region of Lake Nyasa in south central Africa. b : a member of such people. 2a : a group of closely related Bantu languages consisting of Zulu, Xhosa, and Swazi. b : a dialect of Zulu more or less mixed with adjoining languages spoken in Nyasaland and Tanganyika.

Who was the father of mpezeni?

Mpezeni, also spelled Mpeseni, (born c. 1830—died Sept. 21, 1900, near Fort Jameson, Northern Rhodesia [now Chipata, Zamb.]), Southern African chief, a son of the great Ngoni king Zwangendaba.

Who is the king of the Ngoni?

Traditional leaders wield considerable power in much of the Global South, and they are uniquely placed to steward the landscapes they rule over, says His Majesty Ngwenyama Inkosi Ya Makhosi Gomani V, King of the Maseko Ngoni in Southern Africa.