Your question: How does drought affect the production of maize in South Africa?

Parts of South Africa now seem to be desert lands due to the drought which has affected the agricultural sector of South Africa. Maize prices have also increased to a record high due to the decrease in production. … Livestock farmers are also feeling the pinch, due to lack of feed for their animals.

How do droughts affect farmers in South Africa?

In the first half of the year, real agricultural output was 9.2% lower than the corresponding period last year. About 37% of South Africa’s rural community is being affected by the drought, considered the worst in the past 100 years. … This could rise to R612 million if current drought conditions continue into December.

How does drought affect food production in South Africa?

Secondly, continuing droughts could force up the country’s import bill. Declining agricultural production could lead to shortages of some food items like maize, wheat and some protein sources such as meat and eggs. This could, in turn, force South Africa to import more.

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What are the factors that influence production of maize in South Africa?

The identified factors that affect maize production were education of farmer [14], fertilizer use [4], land-labor ratio, use of fertilizer, use of pesticide, manure and household size [15], age of farmer [16] and farm size [17].

Is maize a drought resistant crop?

Drought Tolerant Maize Varieties (DTMVs) are one such promising avenue. These maize (Zea mays, also known as corn) varieties have an enhanced ability to withstand an abiotic stress like drought.

How does drought affect crop production?

Depending on how often drought occurs during consecutive seasons, this usually leads to a shortage of supply in produce. This would result in more imports for the country (moving towards import parity) and in general higher prices for produce.

How does drought affect agricultural production?

Drought can stunt the growth of crops, resulting in a decline in the size and quality of produce. Consumers may expect to see higher prices for local food as farmers cope with lower yields and higher expenses. Limited water availability for washing produce may lead to sanitation and health issues for consumers.

How has drought affected South Africa?

Southern Africa is experiencing droughts that have led to water shortages, pressing food insecurity, and the deaths of wildlife in Botswana and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, at least 2 million people are facing starvation as the drought has also affected food production, according to the World Food Programme.

What are the effects of drought in South Africa?

Macroeconomic impacts

Primary impacts Secondary impacts
Reduced forest, crop, and range land productivity Reduced income and food shortages
Reduced water levels Lower accessibility to water
Reduced cloud cover Plant scorching
Increased daytime temperature Increased fire hazard
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What are three effects of drought?

Drought can also cause long-term public health problems, including: Shortages of drinking water and poor quality drinking water. Impacts on air quality, sanitation and hygiene, and food and nutrition. More disease, such as West Nile Virus carried by mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water.

What are the factors affecting maize production?

Findings show that the key factors influencing maize production are land tenure system that is practiced, lack of use of high yielding maize varieties, household income, Number of extension visits and Acreage devoted to maize cultivation.

How does rain and floods affect the production of maize in South Africa?

Excessive rainfall in some areas resulted in localized ponding and flooding of corn. … The oxygen supply in the soil is depleted after about 48 hours in a flooded soil. Without oxygen, the plant cannot perform critical life sustaining functions; e.g. nutrient and water uptake is impaired, root growth is inhibited, etc.

Which are the factors that contributes to the increasing production of maize?

1. Use of modern inputs such as HYV seeds, fertilisers etc. 2. The availability of modern farm implements like tractor, sprinklers etc.

What is drought tolerant maize?

The Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa project aims to mitigate drought and other constraints to maize production in sub-Saharan Africa, increasing maize yields by at least one ton per hectare under moderate drought and with a 20 to 30 percent increase over farmers’ current yields, benefiting up to 40 million people in …

How is drought-resistant corn made?

GE drought tolerance relies on insertion of a gene from the soil bacterium Bacillus subtilis into the plant. This gene activates a protein that helps mitigate the damaging effects of drought. In contrast, non-GE drought tolerance has mainly resulted from molecular breeding research.

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How does air pollution influence the production of maize in South Africa?

Previous studies have shown that air pollution has an effect on maize production and can also influence yield. … The research also indicated that new technology and techniques make it possible for farmers to maximize maize yield and still, year by year, increase the maize production on their farms.