Did Ethiopia build the dam?

The $4 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was announced in early 2011, as Egypt was in political upheaval. … Though construction has been hit by delays, Ethiopia began filling the reservoir behind the dam in 2020.

Did Ethiopia fill the dam?

Ethiopia has completed the filling of a massive, controversial dam on the Blue Nile river for a second year, state media has said, a move that is likely to anger Egypt and Sudan who have long opposed the project.

Who built Ethiopian dam?

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), formerly known as the Millennium Dam, is under construction in the Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia, on the Blue Nile River, which is located about 40km east of Sudan. The project is owned by Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO).

Is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam finished?

Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam began in April of 2011 and finished in July of 2020. The dam can hold up to 74 billion cubic meters of water, which makes it the largest hydropower project in Africa.

Did Ethiopia start filling the GERD?

CAIRO, July 5 (Reuters) – Egypt’s irrigation minister said on Monday he had received official notice from Ethiopia that it had begun filling the reservoir behind its giant hydropower dam, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), for a second year.

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Why did Ethiopia build a dam?

The primary purpose of the dam is electricity production to relieve Ethiopia’s acute energy shortage and for electricity export to neighboring countries.

Does the Nile run through Ethiopia?

The Nile River’s basin spans across the countries of Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. … The Nile River empties into the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt.

Who owns Nile River?

That changed in 1959 when Cairo agreed to share the Nile with its neighbor Sudan, awarding them a percentage of the total river flow. The agreement established that around 66% of its waters would go to Egypt, and 22% to Sudan, while the rest was considered to be lost due to evaporation.

Which dam is biggest in Africa?

With a height of 188 meters, the Tekezé Dam in Ethiopia is the tallest dam on the continent. Situated on the Tekezé River, a tributary of the Nile, the $360 million dam is one of the largest public works projects in the country.

Will the Nile dry up?

By 2040, a hot and dry year could push over 45% of the people in the Nile Basin – nearly 110 million people – into water scarcity. … This will leave an additional 5% to 15% of the future population in the Upper Nile basin facing water scarcity in hot and dry years.

Where is Blue Nile start?

The countries have said the GERD threatens not only their water but also their national security. Ethiopia, which began building the dam in 2011, has said it will fill the reservoir in stages, a process that could take up to seven years.

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Why is Egypt against the dam?

Nile water dispute stems from filling of Ethiopian dam, decades of rising tensions. … Egypt relies on the Nile for more than 90% of its water. The region’s population could increase by 25% in 30 years, increasing demand at a time when Egypt would expect less water from the Nile.

Did Ethiopia fail in the second filling of the dam?

“Ethiopia failed miserably in completing the second filling, as the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation did not mention the quantity that was stored, which is a total of approximately seven billion cubic meters for the first and second filling together, while the planned was 18.5 billion, due to the failure to complete …

How many dams does Ethiopia have?

List of dams and reservoirs

Reservoir Coordinates Total reservoir size [km3]
Genale Dawa III 5.51°N 39.718°E 2.6
Genale Dawa VI 5.68°N 40.93°E 0.18
GERD 11.214°N 35.089°E 74
Gidabo 6.438°N 38.168°E 0.063