How many BP garages are there in South Africa?

BP has over 500 branded service stations across South Africa and a 50% share in Sapref, the largest refinery in Southern Africa, just outside Durban.

How many BP Express stores in South Africa?

bpSA has over 500 branded service stations across South Africa (SA) and a 50% share in one of the largest refineries in Africa, SAPREF, situated in Durban.

How many garages are in South Africa?

There are about 5,000 service stations in South Africa, and according to the Department of Energy, and these have an annual turnover of approximately R220 billion.

How much is BP garage franchise in South Africa?

5 million and R15 million, depending on the cost to develop, projected volumes and profitability,” Noble said. In terms of the normal working capital requirements for stock as well as operational expenses, the financial need can range from R1. 2 million through to R1. 5 million.

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What does BP stand for garage?

BP plc (official styling BP p.l.c., formerly The British Petroleum Company plc and BP Amoco plc) is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England. It is one of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors”.

How many Shell garages are there in South Africa?

The data shows that Engen has the largest network in the country with just under a thousand stations across South Africa. It is followed by Caltex (683 stations) and Shell (637) stations.

How many Caltex sites are in South Africa?

There are over 800 Caltex service stations across South Africa. Caltex is one of South Africa’s top four petroleum brands.

How many Sasol garages are in South Africa?

Top service stations

Sasol has the highest visit ratio of 4,221 visits to each of its 294 service stations over the past three months, reflecting its superior site location, Lightstone said.

What is the size of a single garage South Africa?

The typical internal dimensions of a single garage in South Africa works out to about 3.4m (wide) x 5.8m with a 2.6m door width.

Who has the most petrol stations in South Africa?

While Engen continues to have the largest retail footprint in South Africa, operating over 1 000 service stations, Engen’s General Manager: Retail, Seelan Naidoo says it is the company’s commitment to progress and focus on customer service that places it at the forefront of brand recognition and loyalty across all …

How much is Sasol garage franchise?

Financial Requirements

Franchise fee is R2. 5M. Working Capital is R1. 5M Fuel Guarantee is R 850 000.00 ( Garage Sure or Refine – subscription ) Total Amount Required – R4M.

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Which franchises are the most profitable in South Africa?

Which franchise makes the most money in South Africa?

  • KFC – from R6 million.
  • Nando’s – from R7 million.
  • Debonairs – from R2 million.
  • Steers – from R1.7 million.
  • McDonald’s – from R4 million.
  • Chicken Licken – from R4.8 million.
  • Roman’s Pizza – from R2.4 million.

What is the cheapest franchise in South Africa?

These are some of the cheapest franchises you can currently buy in South Africa.

  • Abacus Maths. …
  • MiniChess. …
  • 3@1 Business Centre. …
  • Battery Centre. …
  • Tutor Doctor. …
  • Dream Nails. …
  • PostNet. …
  • Battery Clinic.

What is BP called now?

The name British Petroleum Company PLC was adopted in 1982. After merging with Amoco in 1998, the corporation took the name BP Amoco before assuming the name BP PLC in 2000.

Who is the owner of BP?

Is BP Owned by the British? BP is a British company, headquartered in London, U.K., but it is not owned by the government. It is a publicly owned company whose shares trade on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Are Shell and BP the same company?

LONDON, June 25 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa. L) said on Friday it had agreed to acquire BP’s (BP. … “This is part of a multi-year strategy, following a number of earlier growth projects, to strengthen Shearwater’s role as an important gas hub for UK energy supply,” a Shell spokesperson said.