What is UZU in Igbo?

What is UZU in Igbo language?

The Igbo people of Nigeria call ‘nzu’ what is commonly identified as calabash chalk. Other Nigerian tribes also name this chalk other titles such as ‘eko’ and ‘ndom.

What does Iko mean in Igbo?

In the Ngwa and Umuahia (and other southern Igbo) areas especially, iko means lover or ‘mate’.

What is Aku in Igbo?

Aku: Aku are winged termites most common during the rainy season when they swarm; also means “wealth.”

What does Umu mean in Igbo?

umu aka children. unu you, your (pl.) urukpu cloud.

Is UZU good for the body?

It detoxifies the body. Studies may suggest that Nzu may help in detoxifying the body of harmful toxins. It is claimed that they prevent toxins from being absorbed by the body.

What is the health benefit of UZU?

“It is used as antacid, antidiarrheal, contraceptive, nutritional supplement, wound healing, and skin beautification agent. “It is also used for the treatment of skin diseases, foetal growth and wellbeing during pregnancy, and sociocultural activities.

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What does Iko Iko?

“Iko Iko” (/ˈaɪkoʊ ˈaɪkoʊ/) is a much-covered New Orleans song that tells of a parade collision between two tribes of Mardi Gras Indians and the traditional confrontation. … The song first became popular in 1965 by the girl group the Dixie Cups, who scored an international hit with “Iko Iko”.

What is IKO in English?

power, strength, force, sovereignty, potent, control <> ƙarfi, sarauta ko mulki. I don’t have control over my life. <> Ban da iko da rayuwata.

What does Iko mean in English?


Acronym Definition
IKO Institute for Structures and Machine Design (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
IKO Installation Knowledge Online (US Army website)
IKO Innovation, Know-How, and Originality (trademark of Nippon Thompson, Co., Ltd)

What is the meaning of Ngwanu?

Ngwanu – literally, ‘okay’ or ‘let’s do it’ – let’s part to meet again. It means ‘alright, we meet later. ‘

What is the meaning of Omalicha?

The name OMALICHA is an igbo word, which means BEAUTY.

What is the meaning of Chineke?

Chineke (Russian: Чинеке; Sakha: Чинэкэ) is a rural locality (a selo), the only inhabited locality, and the administrative center of Chernyshevsky Rural Okrug of Vilyuysky District in the Sakha Republic, Russia, located 20 kilometers (12 mi) from Vilyuysk, the administrative center of the district.

What does okaka mean in Igbo?

/Ọkaaka/ Gender: m. One greater than the greatest.

What is the English name for Omugwo?

‘Omugwo’ is an Igbo word that is used to describe the practice in which a nursing mother and her baby is taken care of by a close family member. In most cases, it is done by the mother or mother-in-law except in the case where they are not available, then another close female family member steps in.

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What does Asa mean in Igbo?

Asa (pronounced “aa-saa”): an Igbo Nigerian name with the meaning “Beautiful”