Who is the deputy governor of Niger State?

Who is the governor and deputy governor of Niger State?

Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Ketso, born in Niger State 1956, he is the deputy governor of Niger State.

Who is current governor of Niger State?

List of governors of Niger State

Name Title Left Office
Habibu Idris Shuaibu Governor May 1999
Abdulkadir Kure Executive Governor May 29, 2007
Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu Executive Governor May 29, 2015
Abubakar Sani Bello Executive Governor Incumbent

How many languages are there in Niger State?

Niger has 11 official languages, with French being the official language and Hausa the most spoken language. Depending on how they are counted, Niger has between 8 and 20 indigenous languages.

Who is Borno State Governor?

Babagana Umara Zulum (born August 25, 1969) is a Nigerian professor and politician. He is the serving Governor of Borno State in the 2019 Governorship election under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Who is the Governor of Adamawa State?

Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (born October 27, 1967) is a Nigerian politician and also the current Governor of Adamawa State.

Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

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Umaru Fintiri
Assumed office May 29, 2019
Preceded by Bindo Jibrilla
Acting Governor of Adamawa State

When was Niger State created?

In 1967 Niger province became the southern part of North-Western state, and in 1976 it became Niger state (excluding the newly created Abuja Federal Capital Territory). In 1991 part of northwestern Kwara state, lying between the Niger River and the Republic of Benin, was added to Niger state.

How many governors are there in Nigeria?

The current party affiliation of the 36 state governors is: 13 People’s Democratic Party (PDP) 22 All Progressive Congress (APC)

Who is the youngest governor in Nigeria?

Political career

On 16 November 2019, Bello was elected to a second term after he defeated PDP nominee Musa Wada by over 200,000 votes. Bello is the youngest governor in Nigeria and the only governor to be born after the Nigerian Civil War.

What is the duty of a Deputy Governor?

The current Deputy Governor of Lagos State, apart from being the head of her office and carrying out assignments for the Governor, is assigned the responsibility of supervising both the Office of Civic Engagement and the Ministry of Education. 2. Deputizing for the Governor on all State matters as may be delegated.

Who gave Nigeria name?

Like so many modern African states, Nigeria is the creation of European imperialism. Its very name – after the great Niger River, the country’s dominating physical feature – was suggested in the 1890s by British journalist Flora Shaw, who later became the wife of colonial governor Frederick Lugard.

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What is the capital of Niger?

Niamey, city, capital of Niger. Located along the Niger River in the southwest corner of the republic, it originated as an agricultural village of Maouri, Zarma (Zerma, Djerma), and Fulani people. It was established as the capital of Niger colony in 1926, and after World War II it grew rapidly.

What is the capital of Mina?

Minna is a city (estimated population 304,113 in 2007) in Middle Belt Nigeria. It is the capital of Niger State, one of Nigeria’s 36 federal states. It consists of 2 major ethnic groups: the Nupe and the Gwari.


Minna, Niger state
Country Nigeria
State Niger State
Population (2007)

Is English spoken in Niger?

The languages of Nigeria are classified into three broad linguistic groups: Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan, and Afro-Asiatic. … It is the most widely spoken language, although English is the official language of Nigeria. In addition to English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fula, and English Creole are widely spoken.