What does Adufe mean in Yoruba?

Meaning : One that people struggle to marry.

What is the most popular Yoruba name?

The most popular Yoruba names are Femi, Wale, Tunde, Kunle, Tobi, etc. But for girls – Ronke, Nike,Tope, Opeyemi, Tosin and so on. Shade, Folake, Titi, Bola, Opeyemi, Funmi and Damilola. These names are for female, while for male are Kunle, Femi, Olumide, Olamide, Ayo, Tunde and many more.

What is the meaning of akanni in Yoruba?

In African Baby Names the meaning of the name Akanni is: Profitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth.

What is the meaning of akanbi in Yoruba?

Akanbi: One who is consciously or deliberately born. Alabi: Born with purity. Ayinla: A child meant to be praised and disciplined.

What is the meaning of Morayo in Yoruba?

Meaning : I see joy.

What does olaoluwa mean in Yoruba?

Meaning : Wealth of (from) God.

What is the meaning of ajoke?

Meaning : To be taken care of by all.

What is the meaning of adunni?

Meaning of Adunni: Name Adunni in the Yoruba origin, means A daughter of the sweet person. Name Adunni is of Yoruba origin and is a Girl name. People with name Adunni are usuallyby religion.

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What is the meaning of Ayinke?

Meaning : meant to praised and pet.

What is the meaning of akanji?

Meaning : one whose touch gives life.

What does arike mean in Yoruba?

Meaning : someone that is mean to be cared for or pampered on sight.

What is the meaning of Motunrayo?

Meaning : I have once again seen joy.

What are Yoruba names?

Popular Yoruba given names

Male Female
Adisa Eniola
Alabi Adesewa
Aremu IniOluwa
Ajibola Bimpe