Your question: What is one way Africa’s geographic features influenced its cultural development?

What is one way in which Africa’s geographic features influenced its cultural development? They acted as highways that eased the movement of people. Which of the following statements about Nubia is correct?

How did Africa’s geographic features influence migration cultural development and trade?

How did Africa’s geographic features influence migration cultural development and trade? … Deserts and rainforests acted as barriers to migration and trade. Numerous waterfalls and rapids that hindered migration and trade between the coast and the interior.

How did geographic features affect movement in Africa?

What geographic features limited movement in Africa and what made them obstacles? The terrain of the rain forest and desert made these areas hard to cross, while the high plateau in the interior and the river cataracts made movement between regions difficult. … Outside trade opened North Africa to new ideas.

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How did Africa’s geographic features influence migration cultural development and trade quizlet?

Africa has the worlds largest desert, the Sahara which had a highway for migration and trade, and because the ever expanding desert forced people to migrate. As migration occurred, their skills spread into Southern Africa. Africa was home to gold, salt, and copper. All these useful items were used for trading.

What two products dominated the Sahara trade?

Two products, gold and salt, dominated the Saharan trade route. Gold was plentiful in the West African savanna. Salt, which people need in their diet, was scarce in the savanna but abundant in the Sahara.

In what ways do the cultural achievements of West Africa influence our culture today?

The cultural achievements of West Africans have significantly influenced the culture of the United States, particularly in the areas of art, music, oral traditions, and visual arts. Writers, artists, and musicians have incorporated many aspects from West Africa in their work.

How did migration affect the development of African cultures?

How did migration affect the development of African cultures? Migrations contributed to the rich diversity of cultures in Africa. Migrations spread skills in farming, ironworking, and domesticating animals. Some cultures merged and languages were influenced as well.

How did geography impact Africa?

Geography and Trade Geography was a major factor in the development of West African societies. Settled communities grew south of the Sahara, where the land permitted farming. Geography also influenced trading patterns. … Rivers, such as the Niger, served as trade routes.

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Which geographic factor has most influenced the cultures of the Sahara?

The harsh climate of the Sahara and the Sahel has influenced Tuareg culture for centuries.

How has Africa’s landforms and climate zones influenced its farming and herding?

They lived in areas with plenty of rain and warm temps for farming and herding – not in rainforest or desert regions. … How did Africa’s landforms and climate zones influence farming and herding? -Most believed in a single God creator. -It was based on the importance of ancestors which were believed to be closer to God.

Which countries influenced the cultural development of Southeast Asia quizlet?

Which two countries strongly affected the cultures of southeast Asia? India and China. Name three religions the Indians introduced to Southeast Asia through trade. Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

What ways did outside influences affect Nubian development?

In what ways did outside influences affect Nubian development? Nubians adopted many Egyptian traditions when they were under Egypt’s control. Assyrian conquest forced the Nubians back to the South where they settled in Meroë and prospered.

How did the Bantu Migration contribute to Africa’s rich diversity of cultures?

The Bantu Migration had an enormous impact on Africa’s economic, cultural, and political practices. Bantu migrants introduced many new skills into the communities they interacted with, including sophisticated farming and industry. These skills included growing crops and forging tools and weapons from metal.

Why was Ghana’s geographic location important to its development?

Ghana’s geographic location contributed to its development as an empire because , ghana was in between the Sahara desert and the forests. This ment they were able to trade with people in the sahara and people in the forests which helped them grow rich and powerful.

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How did trade affect the culture of East African city states?

Trade led to cultural influences (Arab, African, Muslim) blending throughout coast of East Africa. Then “Muslim Arabs +Persians settled in Africa’s coastal city-states” (291) + married the local Africans, later impacted culture/life there: -local architecture -local Africans adopted Sahili from them.

What kind of cultural diffusion occurred as a result of the gold salt trade?

Terms in this set (9) As a result of the gold and salt trade, cultural diffusion also occurred. The arabic language and Islamic religion were also spread along these trade routes.